Welcome to JennyLens.com. I now finally have two dedicated sites to better serve you. Write if any issues.

Punk Pioneers is where you will find my acclaimed, legendary punk photos.

Dreaming Big Academy is for every Solo/Entrepreneur, creative, healer, or anyone online. 

WHY such a simple one page fugly list of words? Cos I've put ALL my time and energy into my sites. Plus I want to minimize how many files take up valuable space from my pricey webhost account. What appears to be one page can be dozens and dozens of files and folders in the backend. Keeping it simple.

Living simply keeps prices down, so I can pass the saving to you. That's why such a simple site here.

Look at Punk Pioneers and Dreaming Big Academy to see really pretty sites! Plus my blog for Dreaming Big Rocks! Now that is purty! See ya soon!

Keep on Dreaming Big. Cos when you are Dreaming Big, You Rock, cos Dreaming Big Rocks!